Elizabeth Foley, WCLA, CCLA

Executive Claims Consultant, Concierge Level Services

Elizabeth Foley began her insurance career with Wausau Insurance in 1975 as a multi-line field investigator. She was promoted to the position of Workers’ Compensation Claim Examiner in 1976.

Elizabeth joined EBI Companies as a workers’ compensation Claim Supervisor in 1978 and was promoted to the position of Claims Manager in 1980.

In 1986, she moved to Chico and began a consulting business with a focus on workers’ compensation. In 1987, she began an association with Lindo, Hanna & Abbott and was responsible for establishing their Claims Department and eventually accepted a position as Claims Manager with their firm.

Elizabeth was instrumental in developing a claims management program designed to maintain a superior loss ratio and provide excellent client services to a growing book of targeted programs. One such program, Fitness Pak, generated $4.5 million in premiums with an average loss ratio of 36.6 percent.

Elizabeth has a Workers’ Compensation Law Associate designation (WCLA), and a Casualty Claims Law Associate designation (CCLA). She remains active in Insurance Education Association course work, and maintains technical expertise in both liability and workers’ compensation. Elizabeth continues to enjoy a viable working relationship with clients that she began working with over 20 years ago. This serves as a reminder that the claims management program she designed some 22 years ago to promote and elevate client satisfaction is alive and well and remains a focus of InterWest.

Elizabeth served on the Board of Trustees for Enloe Hospital and continues to participate in community activities.

(530) 897-3157