Dave Dias

Vice President & Executive Board Member

Dave is an experienced, global insurance executive with emphasis in leadership and strategy. He delivers a compelling network of world-class professionals focused on propelling his clients’ missions. Dave is a catalyst and visionary who understands how to mobilize people and achieve unparalleled results.

Dave leads a client services team, serves on the Board of Directors of InterWest Insurance Services and is obsessed with delivering transformational value to his clients.

Dave is also the founder of InsuranceThoughtLeadership (ITL), which publishes more than 1,200 thought leaders and has attracted more than 1 million readers in 195 countries. ITL powers the Innovator’sEdge, a one-of-a-kind tech platform that closely monitors emerging technology and innovation, in 176 countries, using powerful algorithms, focused exclusively in insurance and risk services. These resources provide significant context and insight, which he affords to his esteemed clients. Dave also created LegacyLifeCycle.com.

Dave was a police officer from 1977 – 1987 (attending San Jose State University and studying Criminology at the same time) before a career change directed him to the insurance industry. He has also previously served as an elected official, i.e., City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tempore. Dave has written Irene’s Journey of Faith (IreneDias.com) focused on his wife’s inspiring and courageous battle against a debilitating disease. He’s also published Sales Ethos, Building Long-Term Client Value.

Dave’s personal website is DaveDias.com. He has been married to Irene for nearly 40 years, and they have two adult daughters, Jocelyn and JoAnna.

(916) 609-2318
(831) 688-1082
(209) 724-2318