Large Account Concierge Level Claims Services

Whether your need is driven by a loss; a confusing piece of legal correspondence; a “what if” scenario; a “how to” situation; determining which of your policies will apply and/or respond; establishing who should be doing what and when; or simply taking the mystery out of your claims process, your InterWest Concierge Claims Consultant is available to assist.

Workers’ Compensation

  • Orchestrate Formal Claim Reviews
  • Facilitate Unit Stat Claims Process and Project Experience Modifications
  • Audit Experience Modification Worksheets and Prompt Rrevisions
  • Request AOE/COE Investigations when Appropriate
  • Resolve Insurance Carrier or TPA Related Issues
  • Provide Loss Trend Analysis Reports
  • Evaluate Claim Reserves and Impact on Letters of Credit
  • Provide Training and Educational forums

Property and Casualty

  • Develop Accident Investigation and Claim Reporting Instructions Tailored to the Client’s Needs
  • Claim Reporting Consultant, Assists in Determining Whether a Claim Must be Reported or Simply Documented for Record Only Purposes
  • Deductible or Self-Insured Retention Considerations-First Party, Third Party BI PD
  • Identify Contractual Relationships; Review Contract to Analyze Impact on Claim
  • Initiate Investigation, Gather Supportive Documents, Report Claim
  • Assemble Statutory Forms that will Assist in Properly Documenting Proof of Loss for Claim Settlement.
  • Communicate with and re-direct Third Party Claimants and/or Assist in Pursuit of Third Party Claims
  • Immediately Report and Confirm Defense on all Covered Litigated Claims
  • Maintain Active Diary and Monitor Claim Status, Defense Strategy, Reserve Equity and Action Plan
  • Intervene in Coverage Disputes and Analyze Policy Language, Identify Applicable Case Law and Pursue Favorable Outcomes
  • Orchestrate Formal Claim Reviews