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We elevate employers by combining the unique perspectives of lawyers and human resource professionals results in better solutions and cost-effective options.



We serve employers throughout the State of California in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Our clients come from a broad range of industries, including agriculture, construction, education, financial services, health care, insurance, manufacturing, retail and wholesale operations, social services and transportation. We provide expertise in employment law to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.

Designed Specifically for You

Below you will find some of the most popular services. The right combination of services will always depend upon your unique needs. We are committed to tailoring the services to meet your needs.

Strategic Consulting & Advice

Our professionals will answer your unique questions and work with you in providing strategic solutions designed to improve your human resource functions and reduce your exposure to employment claims. This off-site service provides prompt and practical guidance via telephone or email.

Your HR Professional

The Your HR Professional service includes answering of human resources questions and any related research. It also includes document review, necessary research, strategic advice and creation or modification of correspondence necessary for the handling of a specific employee issue.

Your Employment Lawyer

The Your Employment Lawyer service includes answering of employment law questions and any related research. It also includes document review, necessary research, strategic advice and creation or modification of correspondence necessary for the handling of a specific employee issue.

Examples of Possible Consulting Topics

  • Handling employment separations
  • Use of independent contractors
  • Corrective actions with difficult employees
  • Drug testing issues
  • Leave law questions
  • Strategies & requirements for recordkeeping
  • Wage and hour questions
  • Recruitment and hiring practices
  • Handling employee medical issues
  • Vacation and sick leave issues
  • Avoiding discrimination claims
  • Advising on employee complaints
  • Corrective actions with difficult employees


“Holden Law Group is the best employment law support system we could ask for. They have supported us for over ten years. Their approach to our professional working relationship is extremely pro-active. They are extremly knowledgeable and provide timely responses in a cost-efficient manner. I feel fortunate to have this firm as part of our team.”

Custom Employee Handbook & Arbitration Program

The Handbook Program provides you with custom tailored policies and expert guidance in making policy decisions that best suit your organization. It includes the development of a new employee handbook that contains key employment policies and essential preventive devices. The Program includes extensive consultation to customize the handbook policies to fit your needs and plan implementation strategies. You will also receive a customized arbitration agreement along with the expert guidance on the use of an arbitration agreement.

Employment Policy & Practice Audits

We offer a variety of customized HR Policy and Practice Audits to fit your organization and budget. The audits are conducted by experienced HRCI-certified consultants under the supervision of accomplished employment lawyers.

Annual Employee Handbook Update Program

The Handbook Update Program includes an annual policy review with the client and a complete handbook update. It also includes mid-year policy changes that are legally required.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Development

The Drug Testing Program provides expert guidance in making policy decisions regarding drug and alcohol testing that will best suit your organization. It includes the development of a new drug testing policy and necessary forms along with extensive consultation and implementation strategies.

Standard Audit

The Standard Audit involves a thorough review of all aspects of an organization’s personnel policies and practices from recruiting to terminations. It is designed to identify policies and practices that should be modified to improve efficiency and avoid legal issues and liability. The results will provide you with solid information on what problems exist, a suggested priority for resolving them and in many cases the solution itself.

Wage & Hour Audit

The Wage & Hour Audit involves a thorough analysis of time-keeping and pay practices to ensure compliance with the many technical laws and regulations. It includes an assessment of regular rate calculations, overtime calculations, record-keeping obligations and employee classifications. The audit report will not only identify issues, it will often provide the solution as well.

“No matter how complicated or basic the question they never make you feel like “that’s something i should have known.” We’ve relied on them for everything from compliance training and employee handbook creation to complicated legal questions. Everyone there has always provided friendly, professional service.”

On-Site Human Resource Management Outsourcing

This service is designed to free you from the burden of establishing and/or maintaining a human resource department. It can also be used on a temporary basis when you are searching for a permanent human resource manager or are short-staffed. The service provides significant economic advantages. The actual services provided vary based upon your unique needs and desires. The on-site time is supplemented with off-site access to the assigned HR Professional to give you complete coverage.

Services can include:

  • Auditing of human resource functions
  • Implementation and maintenance of human resource infrastructure
  • On-going administration of the human resource department
  • Employee training
  • Personnel issue management including pre-termination reviews and exit interviews
  • Guidance and support for management

HR Department Set-Up or Just Forms

If you are setting up a new human resource department or you just want to be sure that you have the right forms to use, we can provide either service at the level of customization you require.

Examples of Forms’ Packages

  • New Hires and Onboarding
  • ADA and the Interactive Process
  • Leave Management
  • Termination
  • Performance Management
  • Corrective Action
  • Wage & Hour

Examples of Other Services

  • Job Description Reviews
  • Severance Agreements
  • Telecommuter Agreements
  • Commission Agreements
  • Travel Policies
  • Defense of Wage & Hour Claims
  • Defense of EEOC & DFEH Complaints
  • Defense of Employment Lawsuits
  • Defense of OSHA Citations
  • Employment Contracts
  • Reduction in Workforce Planning
  • Confidentially/Trade Agreements
  • Responding to a Request for Records

Live Employee Training Programs

Training is no longer optional and some employee training is mandated by California law. Other training is absolutely required to minimize employment claims and the high cost of defending them. In our experience effective training and documentation can actually prevent claims from ever being made. 

Our training options are presented by energetic trainers in live, on-site sessions. They are interactive and designed to do more than simply transfer information. They are designed to inspire employees to achieve better results.

Harassment Prevention Training 

All Employee Harassment Prevention Training 

This training is designed to effectively train both supervisory and nonsupervisory employees in one, two hour session. The first hour will focus on the mandated requirements for all employees, then the nonsupervisory employees will be excused, and the second hour will fulfill the supervisory requirements under California law. 

Supervisory Employee Harassment Prevention Training 

Unlike the training described above, this training is provided entirely to supervisory employees. It is two hours in duration and meets California’s specific training requirements. The training covers documentation and communication strategies for supervisory employees and highlights the responsibility and liability supervisory employees have in their positions. 

Nonsupervisory Employee Harassment Prevention Training 

This training is designed to address the responsibilities of all nonsupervisory employees. It is one hour in duration and it meets California’s specific training requirements. It focuses on the legal definition of harassment in the workplace and reviews appropriate workplace behavior.

“The training was succinct, on point, informative and, most importantly, kept everyone’s attention for the entire presentation…it provided so much more of an impact to our employees versus individual internet based training. I am convinced we made the right decision regarding having your firm do a live presentation.”  

Management Training

Manager 101 Training 

This training is designed to give managers and supervisors who may be new or have limited expertise in managing personnel with the knowledge and tools to be more effective. It is also designed to minimize the organization’s liability for employment-related claims and create a more positive and productive workforce.  



Managing ADA and Medical Issues Training 

This training is designed to give managers, supervisors and human resource professionals the knowledge and tools to effectively handle employee medical issues and accommodations under the ADA and FEHA. When supervisors and management know how to properly handle medical issues, the organization’s exposure to employment claims drops dramatically. 

Wage and Hour Training

This training is customized to the client’s specific wage and hour practices and designed to ensure that employees comply with both the client’s desired practices and the law. Conducting the training and having the records of it are powerful in blocking wage and hour class actions and discouraging plaintiff’s attorneys from pursuing claims.  


Custom Management & Employee Training 

We develop custom training on any HR or employment law topics desired by the client. These are designed with the intended goal of educating and empowering your management team to better perform their leadership duties in an effective and compliant manner. These trainings can be customized in both length, format and topic areas. This is a great option to communicate with and energize employees that is not possible by handling the training internally.

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