Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)

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Financial Leakage: per year
Profit / Surplus Margin Impact:


Financial Leakage:


Sales Needed to Fund
Financial Leakage:

Profit / Surplus Margin Impact:

How to Read the Charts. Relatively flat charts indicate factors that are not particularly important to the outcome. Conversely, factors that have steep slopes have a larger impact.
Select the effective date of the Program:

What is the Total Premium?
Input the total premiums of your casualty lines (Worker's Compensation, General Liability, Automobile).
What are your Total Casualty Losses?
Input the total casualty of losses for the policy period selected, including any retained (out-of-pocket) expenses and incurred loss amounts paid for by the insurance carrier.
What are the Annual Sales for the your organization?
Input the your organization’s total annual sales amount for the analysis year in conjunction with the healthcare program effective date.
What is the profit margin of the your organization?
Input the percentage of your organization’s profit margin for the analysis year in conjunction with healthcare program effective date.

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*Financial Leakage is your estimated amount of your direct and indirect cost of claims. To quantify these expenses we have utilized multivariate study data provided by TCORCalc®. TCORCalc® is North America's leading authority on risk management program analytics and insurance industry benchmarks. For more information, visit