Announcing 2023 InterWest Insurance Services
Distinguished Employee Winner!
Breanna Boatright
Surety, Unit Coordinator
Each year, InterWest recognizes employees who are identified by their co-workers as having demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their clients, workmates as well as their community. This partnership between work and giving back makes them stand out for their invaluable contributions.

Breanna has an ability to multi-task effectively and instinctively knows what resources to access to get things done. Her calm confident demeanor can help ease clients’ worries when issues arise. Breanna is always the first to volunteer to help other Account Managers and often seeks out new and challenging bond requests to generate growth.

Congrats, Breanna!

2023 IW DE - Breanna Boatright - SM - Outine
Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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