Announcing 2023 InterWest Insurance Services
Distinguished Employee Winner!
Ericka Ramirez
SBU, Senior Manager SBU
Chico, California
Each year, InterWest recognizes employees who are identified by their co-workers as having demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their clients, workmates as well as their community. This partnership between work and giving back makes them stand out for their invaluable contributions.

Ericka is a beacon of light in the eye of the storm. Regardless of the adversity that often presents itself, she remains positive and focused on the end goal. She does not hesitate to raise her hand to be a part of any initiative and will do her part to keep things moving forward. She is seen as a valued resource to not only her own team but to other departments as well. She is wonderful to work alongside of and truly embodies the qualities of the type of leader we want at InterWest.

Congrats, Ericka!

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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