Each year, InterWest recognizes employees who are identified by their co-workers as having demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their clients, workmates as well as their community. This partnership between work and giving back makes them stand out for their invaluable contributions.


Alexis Lewis
Receptionist / Human Resource Administrative Assistant, Administration

Alexis meets any challenge head on with enthusiasm and communicates well with our clients, her coworkers, and our vendors.  She handles multiple roles (reception, mailroom, assisting HR, just to name a few) with ease, confidence, and she has great organizational skills.

No matter what you ask of Alexis, her response is always a positive “Yes…Can-do!“ A great example of this was when IWINS needed another person to help with notary situations in the Sacramento Office.  When asked if she would like to pursue becoming a notary, she was on board without hesitation, even though she already had a full workload.

Always upbeat and positive, Alexis jumps right in to assist any department, take on special projects, and she is willing to add more duties to her already large list of jobs (she wears many hats) all with a smile and without any complaints.  She’s dependable, reliable, works well under pressure, goes the extra mile for our clients as well as her coworkers, and strives to do what’s best.  InterWest is very lucky to have her!

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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