InterWest’s Distinguished Employee: Cody Miller

Cody is very inclusive and leads by example. He possesses the best qualities of a positive role model and has been a wonderful mentor to both the Interns and new staff members. It’s obvious that he truly cares about InterWest and all the work he does. Cody dives in with zero hesitation any time a claim issue arises and always comes up with an effective strategy to help our clients. He’s very successful in obtaining Ex Mod revisions, getting the best possible claim outcomes which saves our clients thousands of dollars every year. Cody is extremely knowledgeable and explains claim situations clear and concise so our clients are assured they have a strong advocate on their side. One of his colleagues said, “It is great having someone like Cody to reach out to whenever I have a claim scenario or question about our job – he is always supportive and kind.”

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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