Each year, InterWest recognizes employees who are identified by their co-workers as having demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their clients, workmates as well as their community. This partnership between work and giving back makes them stand out for their invaluable contributions.


Kelli Martin
Accounting Clerk, Agency Bill Processing, Accounting Department
Chico, California

Kelli possesses the unique quality of being able to work well with everyone in the organization. Treating all folks with respect and enthusiasm empowers her to collaborate with and unite the team.  She is a joy to work with.

Kelli is dedicated to InterWest. She works through to the finish, often finding innovative solutions to complex problems. In her department, definitely takes the bull by the horns and willingly accepts any challenge. She is forward thinking, sometimes anticipating problems before they arise.

Kelli instructs teammates in the most efficient way and too new coworkers, she provides examples that make things easier to understand and does it all with a smile and a positive attitude.  When teammates are out, she takes on new tasks without question.

Kelli brings joy, happiness, and sunshine to the office and to the team and is always willing to brainstorm and explore more effective ways to resolve issues. She makes the work environment a fun place. Her colleagues recognize and appreciate her incredible dedication to her job.

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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