InterWest’s Distinguished Employee: Lori Wagner

Lori is a valued member of the InterWest family and without her, our Walnut Creek office would not operate as efficiently. Everyone looks to her regularly for help and guidance in day-to-day matters that only she is able and always willing to do. Lori shows up ready to work with a positive attitude, taking charge to make sure the office is ready for the day. She ensures that things get done smoothly and on time. She also very effectively helps in holding everyone accountable to their commitments. Lori’s can-do spirit was once again demonstrated when she stepped up and accepted the facilities responsibilities for the Petaluma and Santa Rosa locations in addition to Walnut Creek, making sure they have the supplies needed to operate. Lori is a true dedicated team player, willing to help out as needed.

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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