InterWest’s Distinguished Employee: Mindy Whitehouse

Mindy bleeds InterWest blue. She’s a company cheerleader and always has her nose to the grindstone to get the work done! She’s very loyal and dedicated worker. Under the definition of a great leader is communication, honesty, commitment and positive attitude, all qualities that she possesses. Mindy is unstoppable and always has a smile and a positive attitude. When a renewal date is looming and time is running out, she sticks with it until the job is done. She’s wonderful with her clients, underwriters, and co-workers and has a way to encourage and lift anyone’s spirits. The history and knowledge she possess is vast and invaluable. She knows many members of our community and is a significant asset to our company. One of my favorite qualities about Mindy is if she doesn’t know the answer, likely she knows the person who does.

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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