Each year, InterWest recognizes employees who are identified by their co-workers as having demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their clients, workmates as well as their community. This partnership between work and giving back makes them stand out for their invaluable contributions.


Paul Blackwood
Account Manager, Employee Benefits Department

Paul accepted a permanent position with InterWest, after successfully participating in our Summer Intern Program. Since then, he has taken complete ownership of his clients and the broker he works with has 100% confidence in his knowledge and the delivery of his service.
Paul is always willing to help less experienced account managers and brokers. He openly shares new ideas based on his experiences with our carrier/vendor partners and clients. He blends support with education which ensures they receive what the help needed, but also to be more self-sufficient. He has also worked through some in-depth claim scenarios with client employees to ensure the premiums are accurate based on the services they receive.

Paul’s low-key approach instills a sense of calm with those he works.. He asks very good questions to better understand and willingly offers suggestions in an ongoing effort to improve communication at every level. Paul has done a fantastic job and his broker leans on him for assistance as InterWest advances into the future.

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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