Dressed in troll wigs for good luck, IW colored socks and high heels, 19 members from Team InterWest took to the streets in downtown Sacramento on Saturday, May 6th to Walk a Mile to raise funds for WEAVE.
A very special thank you to the members of Team InterWest , to my fellow committee members and to our colleagues, family and friends who supported us at this fun event. Because of your donations, our team raised over $2300.00 to help WEAVE continue to provide crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County. The Top Fundraiser this year is Jeff Keena with $1000.00 in donations!!! Congratulations… Another wonderful experience.

Team InterWest 2017
Cameron Rappleye, Mitchel Sherman, Jeff Keena, AJ Killian, Steve Bryant, John Weber, Jonathan Carter, Rob Oates, Erica Shaw, Shawna Johnson, Shawnette Dunson, Will Louie, Keenan bird, Matthew Olafsen, Jordan Weir, Caliph Bradford, Kaelah Dyer, Douglas Searl, Dave Everingham.


Thank you from your 2017 Walk a Mile Committee
Gwen Roediger, Shannon Pringle, Valerie Albert, Martha Sexton, Karen Esquibel


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