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By July 1, 2024, most California employers with ten or more employees must have a compliant Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) in place.

What do California employers need to know about the WVPP requirements?

  • It must be in writing and include detailed information and effective procedures for identifying and correcting workplace hazards specific to each worksite
  • The plan must provide clearly defined procedures for responding to workplace violence reports and workplace violence emergencies, as well as investigation requirements.
  • Specific plans and procedures must be in place in the event of an emergency or a ‘shelter in place’ for each worksite
  •  A variety of report templates and logs must be created within the plan, and these templates must capture specific information as required by the law
  • Designated parties responsible for implementing, acting upon, or responding to all aspects of the plan must be clearly defined.
  • Training is required at the time of implementation, annually thereafter, as well as any time the plan is revised, or there is report of a workplace incident or hazard

InterWest Insurance Services has support options available! Our Risk Management Consultants are ready to guide you through our do-it-yourself WVPP template, exclusively available to our esteemed clients. This customizable template is user friendly and includes instructions on what needs to be included in the plan based on your unique business needs and worksites.

Alternatively, if you would like assistance in creating a customized WVPP for your organization, we recommend that you reach out to the California Employment Law and HR experts at Holden Law Group. Holden can also support you and your organization with the required Workplace Violence Prevention training.

Valerie Albert
Author: Valerie Albert

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