Amanda Beaver - Distinguished Employee

Distinguished Employee Spotlight – Amanda Beaver

InterWest’s Distinguished Employee: Amanda Beaver Amanda received a promotion to Financial Analyst, which she managed with her inherent qualities of resilience and tenacity. Her dedication to learning and knowledge building strengthens and advances her department and InterWest. She possesses the valuable qualities that endure year after year.  

9/23/21 – Sacramento Business Journal honors InterWest with a Corporate Citizenship Award in the Youth Enrichment category

On September 23rd, the Sacramento Business Journal hosted an awards ceremony to celebrate the individuals and companies making a difference in the Capital City. InterWest was recognized with a Corporate Citizenship Award in the Youth Enrichment category for our partnership with Improve Your Tomorrow, a nonprofit that helps young men of color attend and graduate…


Businesses and Insurers Are Fighting Over Coverage for COVID-Caused Shutdowns

In courtrooms all over the country, battles are occurring between businesses who endured COVID-19-related shutdowns and insurance companies who believe they are not obligated to reimburse them for their losses. According to the Covid Insurance Litigation Tracker from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, more than 1,800 lawsuits have been filed in state and…