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Distinguished Employee Spotlight – Jessica Dunn

InterWest’s Distinguished Employee: Jessica Dunn Jessica is a dedicated employee who always gives her best to uphold the mission and values of InterWest. She has endless energy, initiative and eagerly tackles her responsibilities. She is a great communicator and coordinator and ensures the Accounting Department has all supplies needed and is running smoothly. Through all…

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Welcome to the Team Brad Espinosa!

Brad Espinosa recently joined the InterWest Insurance Services Surety Division as the Senior Director. He brings more than 12 years of experience in the surety industry, including leading the San Francisco branch for a prominent global insurer, as well as underwriting construction clients in eight Western states. During his tenure, he served as President of…

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Distinguished Employee Spotlight – Debra Wong

InterWest’s Distinguished Employee: Debra Wong Debbie is valued for the support she provides to her colleagues and department. She willingly assists new employees any way she can regarding insurance markets, as well as work procedures and practices. She goes above and beyond to invest the time and effort to secure coverage that meets InterWest’s clients’…

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